For an interior environment, nearly every plant purchased requires some type of planter. The following are planters from around the world. Some are available in the United States, and are presented here, for us to enjoy their form, texture, color and utility. These planters range from the functional, such as the New Pro line, to a bit more expensive container, such as those from Gainey Ceramics, Nevins and Architectural Supplements.

We move up in quality as we see the beautiful and evocative planters from Vondom, Rotoluxe, Serralunga, Gandia Blasco, Ekitta, Eternit, Ateliervierkant, Plus, and Hess. Expect to pay more for these, because of their origin, artistry, currency valuation, and distance from the US. They also have remarkable form that can elevate the plant not only physically, but to another level of the aesthetic, turning heads, and bringing smiles of appreciation to the viewer. It is a type of couture for our interior gardens… enjoy!

Links to containers from around the world