We set up an appropriate time to visit your office, bringing catalogues of plants and containers. Because of the huge variety of plants and containers, we want to establish some parameters of budget and present those items within that framework. We might make suggestions of dramatic “out of budget” items for high visibility areas, and downsize the plants for other less important areas, knowing that not all areas have the same value. Our proposal will be presented to your company within 5 business days. This process is without fee.


Your proposal will have the purchase price of all plants, containers, topdressing, labor and installation. We will also give you a price for guaranteed plant maintenance, meaning that we will be responsible for the plants, and replace any plants that fail, at no charge. Because of their short life cycle, flowering plants are replaced as an extra charge to the client.

Plants and containers can be leased. On most proposals we will offer our lease price per month, which will include guaranteed plant maintenance. Generally our lease price is about 30% more than the guaranteed plant maintenance price. For example: If you purchase 2000 dollars of plants and containers, and are given a monthly guaranteed plant maintenance fee of 150 dollars, then your approximate monthly fee to lease all the plants and containers would be 195 dollars a month, with approximately 500 dollars(first and last months lease, plus delivery charges) as an initial payment. Our leases pertain to normally purchased plants and containers. More exotic plants and high end containers must be purchased.

Installation and maintenance

Normally, installations take place in the morning, at a convenient time for our clients. We can begin at 6am or earlier. We are cognizant of floor surfaces being protected, as well as walls, furniture, doors, electronic equipment. Containers(except fiberglass/plastic on rugs) will have a protective mat, or Velcro on the bottom to protect floor and counter surfaces. Plants are given their appropriate watering on the first visit, and we ask if there are any existing plants that need care(that number may increase the monthly maintenance charge). If we do maintain existing plants, we will make sure they have a deep liner to prevent water damage.

Maintenance is done on a weekly or twice monthly basis. The trend in this industry is towards twice monthly maintenance visits, since plants are easily put on a self-watering system that decreases many watering needs to every 2 to 4 weeks. We are encouraging new clients to opt for twice monthly watering, unless the account requires a constant “groomed” look. Our technicians water, trim, dust and pick-out any refuse from the container. We also wipe the container once a month to clean off the dust. If the plant is becoming unsightly, we will order another plant and it is delivered the following maintenance visit. All faux-plants, are dusted and sprayed with “silk bright” once a month. A horticultural report is left after every visit, that indicates what services were performed. Our technicians check in with the facilities manager twice a month. We ask that clients allow us access to all the plants at each visit to insure that the plants' health is maintained. We do not spray insecticides on the plants.

We are licensed interior plant design and maintenance company that provides interior plant design, sales, maintenance and the leasing of plants and containers. We also do exterior plantings and maintenance in containers.

Delivery is available. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.
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